Audio - songs converted to MP3-files in different rates.

Time Requiem (Collection CD)
09:22/8.47 MB New

The Rapture of Canaan (Collection CD)
04:47/4.22 MB New

Presence of mind (Space Odyssey) 00:39/623 kb

Through dreams and reality (Space Odyssey) 01:47/1.64 MB

Karmakanic 2004 (Wheel of Life)
02:40/3.05 MB

Space Odyssey (Depair and Pain)
06:34/ 6.01 MB

Time Requiem (The Inner Circle of Reality)
02:54/ 2.67 MB

Time Requiem (Milagros Charm)
01:18/1.20 MB

Majestic (Golden Sea)
01:37/1.48 MB

Majestic (Curtain of Fire)
02:49/2.57 MB

Zool (Dragonchaser) 00:38/607 kB

Midnight Sun (Distorted Eyes) 00:58/912 kB

Adagio (Sanctus Ignis) 00:24/382 kB

Mansson (Hell on Wheels) 00:51/810 kB

Karmakanic 2003 (Is This the End) 01:38/1.50 MB

Silver Seraph (Shadowland) 00:51/803 kB