Space Odyssey "Tears of the Sun" (2006)
This record is probably one of the most pretentious I’ve done. I spend a lot of time composing and having discussions with Mr. Edman during the period of vocals recording. Luckily for me he is one of the most talented persons I’ve worked with so everything went real fine. There are many good key solos that I am very proud of. The solos were recorded live through a miked Marshall amp.
Time Requiem "Optical Illusion" (2006)
Finally the circle is closed. I have been in charge of everything from beginning to end. This time I even mixed and mastered the stuff since I wanted to complete the vision by myself. I spend a lot of time composing the songs with Mr. Edmans voice in mind. I am extremely satisfied with the whole production.
Richard Anderssons "The Ultimate Andersson Collection" (2005)
My favourite of all favourites, finally I can shape up some of the old songs that lack good production and some good musicians. Everything recorded under my closest supervision which I find extremely stimulating. I really love the new touch Göran Edman added to the old songs. Old good songs got what they deserved (a better treatment!!!).
Space Odyssey "The Astral Episode" (2005)
Second Space Odyssey record “The Astral Episode”. This time pretty much recorded in my own studio except for drums and mix. 17 years old drummer Andreas Brobjer does a tremendous job on this one, as well as Nils Patrik and Magnus. Songs are very powerful with an angry and dark attitude. Very acoustic and naked sound just the way I like it. This time with Magnus on bass!
Time Requiem "Unleashed in Japan" (2004)
Recorded during Japan tour 2003 (Tokyo and Osaka). Mixed at Reingold Studios Sweden. Great mix of new and old songs. Was not suppose to be a live record, but when I first heard the tapes I thought: “What a fuck! Lets do a live record! Almost as clear and nice as it sounds!
Time Requiem "The Inner Circle of Reality" (2004)
Second Time Requiem record. New drummer (Zoltan Csörsz) and bass player (Jonas Reingold). Very tight and well performed. Recorded and mixed at Reingold Studios Sweden. Did a cover of ABBA as Japanese bonus track. Released by Regain Records (Europe) and Marquee Avalon (Japan).
Space Odyssey "Embrace the Galaxy" (2003)
My favourite project based upon enormous vocals and guitars. Patrik Johansson (vocals), Magnus Nilsson (guitars), Marcel Jacob (bass), Zoltan Csörsz (drums) and me on keys. Composed and recorded during a very happy period of my life. Once again recorded at Reingold Studios Sweden. Rainbow meets late Black Sabbath with a sense of Malmsteen!
Time Requiem "Time Requiem" (2003)
First Time Requiem record. New concept, new songs, new business partners, new studio and a totally new spirit. Very, very satisfied with the result. Great sound and songs performed in a very tight and beautiful way. Felt extremely free and creative composing and recording this record. Did a tour in Japan.
Majestic "Trinity Overture" (2000)
Second Majestic record. Had more time to compose and write songs. New line-up that I felt very satisfied with. Good musicians playing like hell! Unfortunately with a slightly weak production. Toured with Symphony X in Europe. Did a promotion tour in Japan as well.
Majestic "Abstract Symphony" (1999)
First Majestic record. Were recorded under pretty messy circumstances. Guitar player Peter Espinoza dropped the project in the middle of recordings. Some great songs and cool keys but with a kind of week line up. Did one European tour with Pretty Maids.